The Lord has entrusted the care of souls to St. Michael’s parish for almost two centuries. The   announcement of the Word of God at “time or out of time” is very important. We are passing through new times, and difficult times as well. The struggles in the streets are more frequent because of addictions; manifestations or riots are becoming common, new Ideologies are presented or imposed sometimes. Today, people do not want to hear about God; probably many of you have relatives or friends that do not go to God anymore, thinking or supposing he is not necessary. But He is more necessary that ever. Now, we see new developments in Fishtown and many young people are moving in but not many see or look for God. I encourage everyone to adhere to this new time the Lord entrusts to us again. We are announcing the Word of God again; our parish is announcing the love of God once more. Thursdays and Saturdays we go out in the streets to announce in the neighborhood the Love of God, the importance of God in today’s society. Be part of this announcement, or if you can not come, please pray for this mission and for those announcing in the streets the Love of God.